Welcome to the KIT Graduate School Computational and Data Science | KCDS

Concept of the graduate school KCDS
KIT Graduate School Computational and Data Science (KCDS) is a new graduate school at KIT Center MathSEE starting in winter semester 2022/23 that offers an interdisciplinary training program for doctoral researchers in the field of model-driven and data-driven computational science.
In this unique program, doctoral researchers will be able to conduct an interdisciplinary research project that revolves around computational methods such as mathematical models, simulation methods and data science techniques, all the while building bridges between mathematical sciences and an applied SEE discipline (science, economics and engineering).
Addressing global challenges, the school provides a wide variety of topics, from meteorological ensemble forecasting to machine learning in elementary particle physics.
At KCDS, doctoral researchers have one supervisor from the mathematical sciences and one from the applied discipline. They are part of a dynamic community and participate in the school’s interdisciplinary training program, including hands-on training in small groups, summer schools, networking events and hackathons/datathons.
Thinking simulations and data together, we are ready to conquer the data-driven challenges of tomorrow!

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