Apply for an association

If you have already started your doctoral studies at KIT, you can apply to KCDS for an association.


  • You are a doctoral researcher at KIT who is rooted in mathematics or the SEE disciplines (sciences, engineering, economics).
  • Your research project is of an interdisciplinary nature bridging mathematics and a SEE discipline and revolves around computational methods such as mathematical models, simulation methods and data science techniques.
  • Supervision in KCDS is organized according to the MathSEE tandem principle, which means that each doctoral researcher has at least two supervisors (one of the mathematical sciences, one of the SEE discipline). If so far you only have one supervisor, you need to find a second supervisor in order to be eligible for admission to KCDS. (Hint: Ask your first supervisor for a suggestion or browse the list of KCDS Supervisors.)
  • You have to officially start your dissertation project within six months of being admitted to KCDS. Present the document "certification of your acceptance as a doctoral candidate of a KIT-Department" with your application or within six months after your admission to KCDS.

Admission procedure

Applications for an association are accepted at any time. The KCDS selection committee meets at least twice a year to decide over existing applications.

How to apply

Apply in three steps: (1) Find a second supervisor, (2) fill in the application form and (3) e-mail your application documents to

First fill in the online application form, then send the following documents to kcds does-not-exist.kit edu:

  • A letter explaining your doctoral research project / dissertation topic and your motivation to join KCDS in approx. 500 words, signed by both of your supervisors.
  • Your CV (1-3 pages)
  • A certification of your acceptance as a doctoral candidate of a KIT Department ("Annahme zur Promotion an einer KIT-Fakultät") - Note: This document can be handed in later, up to six months after admission to KCDS.

Online application form

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Looking for a funded position?

You haven't started your doctoral studies yet and are looking for a funded position as a doctoral researcher? Have a look at our application procedure for masters degree holders.