KCDS Fellows | Doctoral Researchers

KCDS Fellows
Portrait Name Doctoral Project and KCDS Supervisors Role at KCDS
"Hybrid Models in Hydrology: Combining Data-Driven Techniques with Hydrological Knowledge", U. Ehret (IWG) and N. Bäuerle (STOCH) KCDS Fellow
"AI-Augmented Discovery of Turbulence-Granular Material Interactions", C. Ates (ITS) and S. Lerch (ECON) KCDS Fellow
  "Real-time probabilistic forecasting", M. Schienle (ECON) and F. Krüger (ECON) KCDS Fellow
"Effective data-driven training strategies for complex multiscale stochastic differential equations", S. Krumscheid (SCC) KCDS Fellow
Felipe Donoso
"Mathematical modeling and simulation of terahertz waves, photons and sub-ps transients towards terahertz tomography at accelerators and for medical applications", M. Frank (SCC) and S. Funkner/E. Bründermann/A.-S. Müller (IBPT) KCDS Fellow
"Large-Scale Statistical Inverse Problems governed by PDEs", S. Krumscheid (SCC) KCDS Fellow
" Advancing Subseasonal Predictions at Reduced Computational Effort - Identifying source regions and pathways of tropical forecast errors towards the extratropics", J. Quinting (IMK-TRO) and S. Lerch (ECON) KCDS Fellow
"Probabilistic weather regime prediction: Combining physical models and generative machine learning" C. Grams (IMK) and S. Lerch (ECON) KCDS Fellow
"Label-efficient representation learning for relation extraction", M. Färber (AIFB) and S. Krumscheid (SCC) KCDS Fellow
"Generation and Scheduling of Activities for Travel Demand Models to Account for Telecommuting Behaviour", P. Vortisch (IFV) and S. Nickel (IOR) KCDS Fellow
  "Forecasting precipitation in tropical Africa", P. Knippertz (IMK) and T. Gneiting (STOCH) KCDS Fellow