KCDS Virtual Open House 2023

In our KCDS Virtual Open House videos, you can find out about

  • the concept of the graduate school
  • how to prepare your application
  • and, last but not least, about the doctoral projects in this application round.

Find a description of the doctoral projects here.

Find the online application form here.

Introduction to KCDS

How to prepare your KCDS application

KCDS Doctoral Projects 2023

Project 01: Logics for dynamical systems and practical theorem proving tools

Project 02: Deep Boltzmann - Structure-preserving deep neural networks to accelerate the solution of the Boltzmann equation

Project 03: Optimization and acceleration of aerosol dynamics and chemistry subprocesses in weather and climate models

Project 04: Exploring the Potential of machine learning methods for improving operational hydrological forecasting and prediction (EPOforHydro)

Project 05: Multilevel Methods for Quality Assessment of Injection Molding under Uncertainty

No video available. Read the description of the doctoral projects.

Project 06: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Matheuristics